Cox-Burris Wedding

The date was 9-10-2011 (what a cool Anniversary date). The beautiful Vesuvius Vineyards Estate was the place that all her family and friends were coming to. Brenda Malcolm was outside putting last-minute touches on all the flowers, Linens were in place from Chelish Moore Flowers, Catering was being setup from Sweet Pickle, The wedding cake was being delivered by Delish Cupcakes. Drew had just pulled into the driveway in his old car which they would leave in tonight (and we would make some AMAZING images with it).

There I was standing on the porch looking at everything coming together that they had worked so hard on in the year planning this. The DAY was here and it was already AMAZING but it took me back to a day when I would look out my window and watch Amber walking with Drew to the school bus. I never dreamed I would one day photograph Drew walking his beautiful sister down the aisle. Time has passed and I have watched an amazing woman raise two wonderful kids into AMAZING adults and needless to say I was going to be a “mess” at this wedding.  I had a Day to capture along with my friend Tara Molles (Thank You for capturing the image with me & them) it was ALL in our hands now and we made some wonderful memories for them to have for a lifetime.

This is just a “few” to look at…This is my LIFE….Remembering the PAST….Capturing the PRESENT….and giving to Pink.

Congrats to you guys~Love you both very much!!!

“Me” (Renda)

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I sit tonight and write this with a heavy heart. I miss him so much and I feel this is good for my soul and his memory. Words of Thanks will never be enough for those who have prayed for us, sent their thoughts and kind words to Myself and Brandon through this time. As a photographer I know the importance of images but each time I would photograph any of my dogs I did not want to miss any detail, for one day I knew I would miss every little detail, his ears, his feet that I could hear hit the floor in a deep sleep, his sweet face that he would rub on me every morning as he was waking up, then to lick his feet as if they got sooo dirty through the night. His smile that would make my day so bright. Just one look at his face brought me so much joy &  laughter, the look, teeth in, teeth out,  Bulldogs have so many looks always ever changing but yet the same dog.

I used to Love to watch him roll on his back down the hill through the yard, He LOVED it and I would always wonder does it really feel that good? Then I stopped to think yes it does…we used to do it as kids. I used to get so angry at him for eating grass all the time oh man what I would do to see him do that again. I spent the last hours with my nose to his face (and feet) because I never wanted to forget that smell. I could never put into words what he gave to me other then the purest LOVE that I could ever feel, deep into my soul. I’m so Blessed to have had him in my life and so Thankful that I never put the camera down so I have so many wonderful images of him. Thank You so much Dr. Bingham and the staff of Southridge Vet for everything you did to make this an easier time for us. Many THANKS to Tara Molles  for capturing such wonderful images of us. Thank You!

Your Story…you laugh…you wait…you cry…you remember…you Love…FOREVER!

Rest In Peace My Sweet Boy, Baxter.

Renda and Brandon Ayscue

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Katherine & Matt Gonzalez

It was a beautiful but “HOT” July afternoon. Katherine (AKA Katfish) was getting ready as I was pondering how to get out of the church with these AWESOME heels and her not realize they had been MIA,  when once again  I was struck by her vintage flair, her beautiful eyes, and that smile which showed everyone just how happy she was today…not to mention she would miss the shoes her mom had someone custom paint “Presley” on the bottom.

You see I knew I would love these two-they both had attended UGA (Home of the DAWGS) which I’m a huge fan of.  Katherine also has a bulldog that I have had the pleasure of spoiling just a little bit so I knew Matt was going to be a great guy. What I did not know was… he sure is a “HAM”. He had myself and  Tara @taramolles photography  going, never a dull moment with these two. They are infectious!!!! Their smiles light up everyone around them. We had such a wonderful time with them and the family. These two are going to change the world~wait and see!!! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Gonzalez!!!

Love you both

“ME” ~ Renda

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Jesslyn and Jeff

Only when I thought I could not LOVE Georgia anymore……a couple weeks ago Jesslyn and Jeff gave myself & Tara (Tara Molles Photography) just one more reason to, their wedding at Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge. We were tucked away in the Mountains of Georgia and LOVE all in the air and the view…..oh the view!!

All of their family and friends were there to see them through this magical day

These two are made for each other….They decided to see each other before the wedding so myself and Tara found just the right spot for these two lovebirds…and let the magic happen…

So much thought and effort was put into this wedding by her mom and Judy, they did not miss anything they did everything themselves even down to Jesslyn’s shoes. She “Rocked” out the shoes.

We had such a wonderful time here and the families were so kind and treated us just like family!

This was the first wedding that I had ever been to that actually really “Tied the knot”.

The knot that they tied was a “love knot”. It consist of two different ropes that are tied together to form one continuous length of rope…very cool!

Terry (her mom) told me that these two have kinda their own language….now I know just what she meant. You can not put it into words other then you know it when you see them together and it just shows…….LOVE!!!

Thank You to the Williams & Landgren Family

Congratulations Jesslyn and Jeff!!!!

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Brittney & Elliott Whitley’s Wedding

And the story begins…It was the twenty-second of May at The Saratoga Springs location in Mt. Pleasant, NC and I could have not been happier for a couple to be married. All details have been prepared for so long, now all coming together so beautifully… dress, jewelry, flowers and myself and Tara were there to see that everything was to be documented so they would have memories to last a lifetime, what an honor. We started with the dress this was the dress that her mom saw her in…what a beautiful sight.



 She was so Brittney…calm, laughing, enjoying every minute with her girls before she took her walk to meet her Prince Charming. When her dad came in to take her I knew exactly where she pick up those traits from. He looked at her with that smile and said simply “Your beautiful” and with such pride held out his arm for her to take to walk his little girl down the aisle…meanwhile the photographer sobbing behind the lens!

I knew that he was so proud of his daughter and the man she had chosen to marry. Elliott is SOOOOO in LOVE with her that it just GLOWS and he does not have a problem showing it. Once they were pronouced husband and wife he was smiling from ear to ear.

He was like a kid in the candy store!!! I LOVE it!!!! I just know you can feel the love through this image. It was fitting that the Recessional was “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” and he wanted to make sure of that! LOL!!!

This wedding party was a blast and they really know how to party and have a great time. They made the evening so much fun!!! We even have a future bride in this party!!! Yay!!!

Her flowers were provided  by Chelish Moore Flowers in Concord ….Chelish always does “AMAZING” work.

as the quest were being escorted over to the reception hall we went for a little stroll by the pond and the Love was still pouring over… my hope for them is that everyday be this way and to never lose sight of the little things….

 GREAT SHOES……that’s right!!! Just kidding!!! Love….it never fails!

Enjoy your little Seek Peek!!!!  I was so honored to be with you and your families on such a special day.

Congrats….. Mr & Mrs. Elliott Whitley!!!!! Love ya!!!




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Tyler Poole Memorial Concert

In April,  I was asked to be a vendor at the Tyler Memorial Event. I said yes and then asked what it was about, I was told about a wonderful young man (Tyler Poole) that lost his life in a car accident right after they graduated high school & his friends put this event on every year to raise money for the Tyler Poole Scholarship Fund and also to help with the medical bills of a dear friend Travis Casper. I was so excited to be part of this. There were so many vendors on hand with hand made items and they also held a  Fashion show with all the latest summer fashions from “Vestique”. LOVED the boots they just go with anything!!!

   I met “Milla” first with those show stopping baby blues and then her family, Ryan Lentz & Linzy Sides-Everyone who knows me knows I had to ask all the meanings and stories behind the tatoos. I find them sooo interesting.  They did not mind chatting with me and telling me all about them…Cool kids!!! Here I caught them snuggling while enjoying the music. They also went around and had his friends to write down what they remembered most about Tyler on paper and made a slideshow with it. What an awesome group of young people coming together to raise money  for his Scholorship and “Honor” such a wonderful friend and young man that was taken to early from them. Thank You for letting me be a part of this event~


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Baby Asher

Several weeks ago, Ashley and “The Boys” came over to do somethings for her Maternity Session.  Ashley…Beautiful then ever and Auden was just a ham!!
He wanted to spell Baby Asher’s name out in blocks and of course knock them all down before I got the image…I had to be fast on the “trigger”! Then I wanted to do something a little different with Ashley so we took a road trip to a great location in Concord and as always she worked her magic….now I know where Auden gets it from! LOL!! You can tell he is so EXCITED about HIS baby coming, Auden already has his “Big Brother” shirt ready and showing him how he will have muscles soon, he wants Asher’s stuff to match his things. Bless his heart, he thinks they can play together just as soon as he gets here.
He does not have to wait any longer because he came today!!! Asher Pethel welcome to the world and we will see you in a few days…..

CONGRATS to Adam, Ashley & BIG Brother Auden!!!!

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