If you have ever spent time at your local shelter or working with a dog rescue organization, you will know that in each of those cages and behind each one of those eyes and wagging tails is a story. These are stories of abuse, neglect or simply unfortunate circumstances. This is just “one” of my many stories of inspiration and hope.  One evening as me and my husband were talking about our day events he was telling me of a dog in need. The questions just started rolling…what kind, girl or boy, color, personality….. All the questions he really did not have the answers to because in his line of work he “sees” this everyday… so I asked him just send me a picture of the boxer mix and I will find her a home. I had somebody in mind. All I can say is here we go again… You see Jessica and myself had already went down this road before. A few years ago we had the pleasure of rescuing another boxer “Zoe” for her. Her story was living a life of on the streets, a bag of bones and nearly on her death bed when she was found. She lived the rest of her short life alot better than before. When my husband sent me the image (above) I had to send it to Jessica right away. Needless to say the very next day we were on the way to the pound. It’s so hard to take that walk down the aisle wondering what each “story” was although we will never know. I do know we both fell head over heels for Madison and she left with us.  I do know that the middle and ending of her story will be so much better because someone cared enough to take a chance on those Big Brown eyes. You can see from the images below that Madi went from rags to riches in a very short time but what you can not see but can only be felt from the heart is that she is giving her THANKS back everyday. These days are not always easy, just like with children I think it’s God’s way of teaching us to be patient, discipline, love and hope for a better tomorrow. These are the moments that I truly LIVE for….the bond  & unspoken love for each other that sometimes I think only pets can give… not to mention all the personality, laughs, and reasons for us to just take a walk and enjoy the LITTLE things that mean so much. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.

Dogs are not our WHOLE life, but they make our lives WHOLE.”

Congrats Jess and Madison


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4 Responses to Madison

  1. Patty Starnes says:

    this is all so true….all my dogs past and present have been rescue dogs (except for 1)..they love you uncondtionally….and you just wonder sometimes . If they could speak, what they would tell you about their past and our our happy they are you gave them warm loving home with all the love in the world…..
    Love the pictures Jess and Renda…….
    I love my great niece Maddie!!!!!

    Can’t wait to bring my baby Sprocket for some photos…..

  2. Heather says:

    Congratulations to Madison and to Jess! I love the pictures and the story, I only wish I could bring myself to go to the shelter but I would want to bring them all home and cry because I couldn’t, all of ours have been rescues as well, from all sorts of different situations. I totally agree that a rescue or shelter pet is the only way to go! Conggratulations again you two for many years of happiness!

  3. Tonya Linker says:

    Renda…..I LOVE reading these stories!!! 🙂 What a beautiful dog!!

    • I know Tonya!!! Thanks so much for reading my post!!! I really enjoy photographing people and the four legged children!!! Love what I do!
      You need to bring Morgan and your babies.

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