Baby Asher

Several weeks ago, Ashley and “The Boys” came over to do somethings for her Maternity Session.  Ashley…Beautiful then ever and Auden was just a ham!!
He wanted to spell Baby Asher’s name out in blocks and of course knock them all down before I got the image…I had to be fast on the “trigger”! Then I wanted to do something a little different with Ashley so we took a road trip to a great location in Concord and as always she worked her magic….now I know where Auden gets it from! LOL!! You can tell he is so EXCITED about HIS baby coming, Auden already has his “Big Brother” shirt ready and showing him how he will have muscles soon, he wants Asher’s stuff to match his things. Bless his heart, he thinks they can play together just as soon as he gets here.
He does not have to wait any longer because he came today!!! Asher Pethel welcome to the world and we will see you in a few days…..

CONGRATS to Adam, Ashley & BIG Brother Auden!!!!

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One Response to Baby Asher

  1. Alma McNeely says:

    These are beautiful pictures and I know they are going to love each other like brothers does! Thanks for sharing!

    Love Aunt Alma

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