Brittney & Elliott Whitley’s Wedding

And the story begins…It was the twenty-second of May at The Saratoga Springs location in Mt. Pleasant, NC and I could have not been happier for a couple to be married. All details have been prepared for so long, now all coming together so beautifully… dress, jewelry, flowers and myself and Tara were there to see that everything was to be documented so they would have memories to last a lifetime, what an honor. We started with the dress this was the dress that her mom saw her in…what a beautiful sight.



 She was so Brittney…calm, laughing, enjoying every minute with her girls before she took her walk to meet her Prince Charming. When her dad came in to take her I knew exactly where she pick up those traits from. He looked at her with that smile and said simply “Your beautiful” and with such pride held out his arm for her to take to walk his little girl down the aisle…meanwhile the photographer sobbing behind the lens!

I knew that he was so proud of his daughter and the man she had chosen to marry. Elliott is SOOOOO in LOVE with her that it just GLOWS and he does not have a problem showing it. Once they were pronouced husband and wife he was smiling from ear to ear.

He was like a kid in the candy store!!! I LOVE it!!!! I just know you can feel the love through this image. It was fitting that the Recessional was “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” and he wanted to make sure of that! LOL!!!

This wedding party was a blast and they really know how to party and have a great time. They made the evening so much fun!!! We even have a future bride in this party!!! Yay!!!

Her flowers were provided  by Chelish Moore Flowers in Concord ….Chelish always does “AMAZING” work.

as the quest were being escorted over to the reception hall we went for a little stroll by the pond and the Love was still pouring over… my hope for them is that everyday be this way and to never lose sight of the little things….

 GREAT SHOES……that’s right!!! Just kidding!!! Love….it never fails!

Enjoy your little Seek Peek!!!!  I was so honored to be with you and your families on such a special day.

Congrats….. Mr & Mrs. Elliott Whitley!!!!! Love ya!!!




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