Jesslyn and Jeff

Only when I thought I could not LOVE Georgia anymore……a couple weeks ago Jesslyn and Jeff gave myself & Tara (Tara Molles Photography) just one more reason to, their wedding at Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge. We were tucked away in the Mountains of Georgia and LOVE all in the air and the view…..oh the view!!

All of their family and friends were there to see them through this magical day

These two are made for each other….They decided to see each other before the wedding so myself and Tara found just the right spot for these two lovebirds…and let the magic happen…

So much thought and effort was put into this wedding by her mom and Judy, they did not miss anything they did everything themselves even down to Jesslyn’s shoes. She “Rocked” out the shoes.

We had such a wonderful time here and the families were so kind and treated us just like family!

This was the first wedding that I had ever been to that actually really “Tied the knot”.

The knot that they tied was a “love knot”. It consist of two different ropes that are tied together to form one continuous length of rope…very cool!

Terry (her mom) told me that these two have kinda their own language….now I know just what she meant. You can not put it into words other then you know it when you see them together and it just shows…….LOVE!!!

Thank You to the Williams & Landgren Family

Congratulations Jesslyn and Jeff!!!!

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