I sit tonight and write this with a heavy heart. I miss him so much and I feel this is good for my soul and his memory. Words of Thanks will never be enough for those who have prayed for us, sent their thoughts and kind words to Myself and Brandon through this time. As a photographer I know the importance of images but each time I would photograph any of my dogs I did not want to miss any detail, for one day I knew I would miss every little detail, his ears, his feet that I could hear hit the floor in a deep sleep, his sweet face that he would rub on me every morning as he was waking up, then to lick his feet as if they got sooo dirty through the night. His smile that would make my day so bright. Just one look at his face brought me so much joy &  laughter, the look, teeth in, teeth out,  Bulldogs have so many looks always ever changing but yet the same dog.

I used to Love to watch him roll on his back down the hill through the yard, He LOVED it and I would always wonder does it really feel that good? Then I stopped to think yes it does…we used to do it as kids. I used to get so angry at him for eating grass all the time oh man what I would do to see him do that again. I spent the last hours with my nose to his face (and feet) because I never wanted to forget that smell. I could never put into words what he gave to me other then the purest LOVE that I could ever feel, deep into my soul. I’m so Blessed to have had him in my life and so Thankful that I never put the camera down so I have so many wonderful images of him. Thank You so much Dr. Bingham and the staff of Southridge Vet for everything you did to make this an easier time for us. Many THANKS to Tara Molles  for capturing such wonderful images of us. Thank You!

Your Story…you laugh…you wait…you cry…you remember…you Love…FOREVER!

Rest In Peace My Sweet Boy, Baxter.

Renda and Brandon Ayscue

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6 Responses to Baxter

  1. jess says:

    Oh man! I needed a good cry today and here it is! I know that love you describe. I miss my zoe girl, my betty boo and I will treasure the time I have with my madi! I love you Renda and Ill continue to pray for the pain to ease and the memories to stay strong!

  2. Michelle Long says:

    wonderful images and story to cherish!!! thinking of you guys!!! Like my momma always said, “Remember the memories, it will flood your heart with joy”!!!!! continuing to pray for comfort to you.. love ya! Michelle

  3. Cindy says:

    Renda, These pictures and your written tribute to your beloved Baxter made me cry! How blessed you are to have his personality captured not only in your heart, but in these pics. Baxter was one lucky dog to have been loved so much!! Praying for you as you hold his memory close and go through these difficult days.

  4. amber Burris says:

    Oh Renda, As I read this, Reno licked my face about 20 times to make my tears go away. I remember the day those babies were born… I remember them growing up, I remember being at your house not long ago and Baxter licking my legs NON STOP….. :o) I remember sitting in your living room and him in my lap LOVING all over me. I too have good memories of that sweet boy. I needed to cry today too Jess….. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH… Baxter was sooooo lucky to have you as a mommy!!!!!

  5. Kathy Hall says:

    Oh Reda, I’m so sorry for the loss of Baxter. He was so cute. What beautiful pictures and great messages of Baxter. I cried when I read all of these memories. Will continue to remember you as the days go by.

  6. Your love for Baxter shines through with the words you wrote and in the photos! Both are beautiful!

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