Cox-Burris Wedding

The date was 9-10-2011 (what a cool Anniversary date). The beautiful Vesuvius Vineyards Estate was the place that all her family and friends were coming to. Brenda Malcolm was outside putting last-minute touches on all the flowers, Linens were in place from Chelish Moore Flowers, Catering was being setup from Sweet Pickle, The wedding cake was being delivered by Delish Cupcakes. Drew had just pulled into the driveway in his old car which they would leave in tonight (and we would make some AMAZING images with it).

There I was standing on the porch looking at everything coming together that they had worked so hard on in the year planning this. The DAY was here and it was already AMAZING but it took me back to a day when I would look out my window and watch Amber walking with Drew to the school bus. I never dreamed I would one day photograph Drew walking his beautiful sister down the aisle. Time has passed and I have watched an amazing woman raise two wonderful kids into AMAZING adults and needless to say I was going to be a “mess” at this wedding.  I had a Day to capture along with my friend Tara Molles (Thank You for capturing the image with me & them) it was ALL in our hands now and we made some wonderful memories for them to have for a lifetime.

This is just a “few” to look at…This is my LIFE….Remembering the PAST….Capturing the PRESENT….and giving to Pink.

Congrats to you guys~Love you both very much!!!

“Me” (Renda)

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