Sweet 16: Victoria

WHAT…16… I didn’t look like that at 16…wait I still don’t look like that??? Victoria is such an amazing young  lady, not only is she beautiful but she has such a sweet soul and so much fun packed in that little body of hers. I LOVE young people!! I always ask them what they want to do when they grow up….Tattoo Artist and or modeling. I think she would be GREAT at either one!

We also talked about what they did growing up and her mom told me she moved when she was little and would always put her “RED” shoes an click her heels to she if she could get back home. So funny!!!

they did not click us back home but they did click us into a great time and it shows…..I love this girl!!! Oh…to be 16 again!

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Hickory Ridge High School Senior: Jordan

This is Jordan, I had the pleasure of working with him a couple of weeks ago. When his mom contacted me on doing something for his SENIOR portraits I wanted it to be ALL about him and  let me tell ya he brought it on…..

He has the best dogs, so we just had to do a few with them ..Look they are smiling for me, Jordan brought his bike which was sooo COOL, so we did somethings with that on the rocks in the woods  and of course you know I have to get all the details!!! Then his dad loaded us up in the back of his truck and I rode on the back of the truck photographing him as he was riding to me with the whole family complete with dogs in the back of the truck.

I’m sure the neighbors thought I was “crazy” but who cares, we do what we have to do for the photograph…Right??? Jordan you ROCK!!!!

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Introducing the Cox Tots…

Welcome to the world Audrey and Mac…..When Jennifer called me and asked me to photograph her of the new twins I was sooo excited!!! I mean… I have been lucky enough to be with Jen and Jason through some pretty awesome “Highlights” of their lives… engagement, wedding and now the birth of their children. So I was honored, needless to say. I had a vision but I also knew I had to fit into this, their “first child” Jack. Jack is so sweet and has sooo much personality and watches every move you make with his babies… as you can see below.

As we get started with the family, Mac does what most little boys do and lets it go….. right onto Daddy… one of many times I’m sure.  Sorry Jason! But what a great sport and daddy you will make!!! LOL!!!

And of course I had to spoil them just a little while I was there. Twins are hard work. Once you get one done, you have to take care of the other and it just goes on and on and on. But Jen and Jason seem to have a great handle on what God as given them. Two beautiful babies – one of each… a girl and a boy – Audrey, who looks like daddy and Mac, who looks just like mom.

I look forward to watching them grow in the up coming months and years but until then just enjoy your bundles of joy!

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If you have ever spent time at your local shelter or working with a dog rescue organization, you will know that in each of those cages and behind each one of those eyes and wagging tails is a story. These are stories of abuse, neglect or simply unfortunate circumstances. This is just “one” of my many stories of inspiration and hope.  One evening as me and my husband were talking about our day events he was telling me of a dog in need. The questions just started rolling…what kind, girl or boy, color, personality….. All the questions he really did not have the answers to because in his line of work he “sees” this everyday… so I asked him just send me a picture of the boxer mix and I will find her a home. I had somebody in mind. All I can say is here we go again… You see Jessica and myself had already went down this road before. A few years ago we had the pleasure of rescuing another boxer “Zoe” for her. Her story was living a life of on the streets, a bag of bones and nearly on her death bed when she was found. She lived the rest of her short life alot better than before. When my husband sent me the image (above) I had to send it to Jessica right away. Needless to say the very next day we were on the way to the pound. It’s so hard to take that walk down the aisle wondering what each “story” was although we will never know. I do know we both fell head over heels for Madison and she left with us.  I do know that the middle and ending of her story will be so much better because someone cared enough to take a chance on those Big Brown eyes. You can see from the images below that Madi went from rags to riches in a very short time but what you can not see but can only be felt from the heart is that she is giving her THANKS back everyday. These days are not always easy, just like with children I think it’s God’s way of teaching us to be patient, discipline, love and hope for a better tomorrow. These are the moments that I truly LIVE for….the bond  & unspoken love for each other that sometimes I think only pets can give… not to mention all the personality, laughs, and reasons for us to just take a walk and enjoy the LITTLE things that mean so much. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.

Dogs are not our WHOLE life, but they make our lives WHOLE.”

Congrats Jess and Madison


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I love Lucy

Breanna and Lucy, Pet Portraits

A  few weeks ago, I got a call from Jodie ( my lifelong neighbor and dear friend) asking if I could photograph “The Family Dog”, she was getting older and had some issues going on and just wanted to make sure we got it done it was the first dog that the girls had and just wanted to “Capture” this time before it got away from us. If you know anything about me you know I was ready! A week later she passed away and all though there are no words to describe the pain in losing a pet it brought me back to a poem that I had that really describes just what pets do for us. It’s called “Just A Dog”


From time to time, people tell me, “lighten up, it’s just a dog,”
or “that’s a lot of money for just a dog.”

They don’t understand the distance travelled, the time spent,
or the costs involved for “just a dog.”

Some of my proudest moments have come about with “just a dog.”

Many hours have passed and my only company was “just a dog,”
but I did not once feel slighted.

Some of my saddest moments have been brought about by
“just a dog,” and in those days of darkness, the gentle touch
of “just a dog” gave me comfort and reason to overcome the day.

If you, too, think it’s “just a dog,” then you probably understand
phrases like “just a friend,” “just a sunrise,” or “just a promise.”

“Just a dog” brings into my life the very essence of friendship,
trust, and pure unbridled joy.
“Just a dog” brings out the compassion and patience
that make me a better person.
Because of “just a dog” I will rise early, take long walks and look
longingly to the future.

So for me and folks like me, it’s not “just a dog”
but an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future,
the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment.

“Just a dog” brings out what’s good in me and diverts my thoughts
away from myself and the worries of the day.

I hope that someday they can understand that its’ not “just a dog”
but the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being
“just a man” or “just a woman.”

So the next time you hear the phrase “just a dog,”
just smile,
because they “just don’t understand.”

~Unknown Author

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Coming to a salon near you…

I had the pleasure of photographing Lillian a few days ago. She is the child of Raegan Brodgon, owner of Solace Body Spa in Afton Village (in Concord, NC). She’s a dear friend of mine and I’ve grown to LOVE Miss Lilly to pieces! Actually, I’d take her if I could get away with it. (wink!)

The session was for Lillian’s Valentine cards, however it turned into a display waiting to happen. I found this fabulous dryer at the Depot a while back and I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to use it. I found it! Miss Lilly will  eventually be hanging on the wall of Solace Body Spa. Until the finished product is hung, you can see this priceless candid. The actual display is even cuter if I may say so myself. I’ll keep you updated and let you know when to stop by the see the beautiful Lillian.



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Welcome!! My name is Renda Sloop Ayscue and I’m based out of Concord, NC. I live here with my wonderful husband, Brandon, and our four-legged children – Baxter and Bella.

I’ve been photographing all my life but worked with a well known photographer for seven years where I did all the creative set designs and formed a non-profit group with them. I just felt like it was time to move on with my life and have a little more control of where I want to go. So here I am, owner of Past, Present & Pink Photography!!

This is where you’ll see my most recent work as well as what’s going on in my life, my business, my mind, and most of all, my heart and soul. My goal is to share with you something real… whether it’s something through the lens or just what’s going on in my day to day life.

There is so much in life that I’m passionate about – from paws to pink and so much in between. So grab a drink, have a seat, and stay a while! Hope you enjoy! As always, please leave me a message. I would love to hear from you!

This is just a little bit of … “Me”


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